"Shores and Doors" at Carpinteria Arts Center

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"Fishing in Yemen" by Birgitte Ibsen • 14x14 Acrylic on Canvas • $600
"Some of the stronger pieces in the show find fresh ways to address time-honored traditions, including the conventional landscape and seascape paintings practice so ever-popular in Santa Barbara art studios, plein air sites and touris-geared galleries. Take for example, the painting by Birgitte Ibsen called "Fishing in Yemen," which despite its specific reference, greets the eye as a non-representational and rhythmic series of paint smears conspiring towards a sensuous, all-over atmospheric effect." --Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara News-Press, August 23, 2013
Birgitte captures a still shot cross-section of the unspoken dialogue hanging in the airspace of our relationships.
— Rebecca Herron
I am thrilled to have a painting by Birgitte. It hangs in a prominent spot in my home for all to enjoy.
— Roy Lassen
Bee's amazing art work is full of color, creativity and life. It is effervescent and exciting to experience. Her talent is beyond comprehension.
— Judy Kay Cooper
When I saw the painting, I was immediately drawn to it by the colors. I can't get tired of looking at it.
— Wolfgang Stuckenberger